Managing Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings Workshop(6)

Workshop for managers needing to conduct disciplinary or grievance processes within the workplace.


The course is for any business looking to improve their staff management and improve the skills of their managers to take action. If your leadership team, managers and supervisors need greater clarity, advice and support in how to take disciplinary action then they will benefit from this half day workshop.


● How to decide on how much investigation is needed
● What questions must an investigation answer
● How to conduct interviews
● How to question witnesses
● How to prepare for Disciplinary or Grievance Hearings
● How to effectively managing difficult meetings
● Communicating in a formal process
● Defining “reasonableness”
● Is it gross misconduct?
● What sanction to apply
● Giving decisions to staff
● Handling appeal procedure

Disciplinary processes are uncomfortable even stressful for many of the participants. Whether you’re the subject of the process, the chair of proceedings, the accuser or even the note taker chances are you will not enjoy the process. Depending on your position you may see it as necessary, time consuming or a waste of time but whatever your perspective there are ways and means to making these processes more effective and more productive.

This training provides support for managers and company leadership team that wish to understand the process, methods and technical aspects of running a disciplinary process and look to improve their experience and outcomes from processes.

Give your managers the skills and confidence to lead a disciplinary hearing, manage staff problems and improve staff management in your business. 


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